Our 24K golden glo drops are sure to give you a stunning glowing effect. With microfiber glitter and gold highlights you will be glowing under any light.
Perfect for all skin tones


Our glo drops are formulated from a mix of all natural, organic carrier oils including, but not limited to

Jojoba Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Apricot kernel Oil

Sweet almond Oil

which promote healthy, glowing skin. Vitamin E oil is used in our oils for its beneficial antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties. Essential oils are used to add fragrance to our oils.

   *Always perform a skin patch test when testing out any new products on your skin*

By purchasing our products, you agree to have thoroughly reviewed our ingredients list and accept the fact that certain natural oils may cause sensitivity on certain skin types/conditions. You agree that once your purchase is completed, The Boss Brat Boutique is not responsible for any negative effects these products may cause. We encourage you, the customer to contact us if you are prone to irritation from certain products or have any allergies for a complete ingredient breakdown.